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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 22, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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69 dulles, bwi marshall 71°. plenty of humidity to start your morning. warm humid air mass, possibility of showers and thunderstorms continue. we see showers and storms overnight, heaviest across southern maryland and lower eastern shore. showers continue in eastern delaware. partly cloudy skies locally. partly sunny warm and humid. threat of few scattered showers and thunderstorms a lot of the like yesterday. big chak changes for the weekend. let's do traffic with jeff newman. >> good morning, tucker. looking at the bw parkway backed up all the way to 32. traffic is just crawling, overturned vehicle and quote unquote life threatening
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injuries, bw parkway southbound before 197. according to park police this back up will remain through the morning rush. head over to 95 if you are traveling southbound. to the beltway, volume delays college park passed georgia avenue and toward mormon temple. you see the volume on the outer loop. also an accident reported on the ramp to southwest freeway blocking left lane on 11th street bridge slow after 295. south of fredrick down to hyatts town. once you get to montgomery avenue it picks up towards bethesda. to 66, that is a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, jeff. first at 7:00, gruesome discovery in northern, virginia
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police on the scene in manassas park. reports a body found in woods near yuk lad avenue and la pause place. we are going to keep you updated. >> our big story, day 4 of vanessa pham murder trial, defense gets it turn. >> they'll have their work cut out for them especially after the confession was played in the court. wisdom has that for us. >> it isn't about julio blanco garcia's guilt but his motivation. he says the crime was not premeditated. yesterday's interrogation tape
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could support his case. >> i don't know what happened. it was too many, i am so sorry. i didn't mean to. >> why are you crying? >> i have changed my life ever since then. god is not going to forgive what i did. >> sure he will. >> no. >> sure he will. >> julio blanco garcia stabbed vanessa pham june 27th 2010. julio blanco garcia's one-year-old daughter was in the car with him. fingerprints at an unrelated crime scene. according to the 27-year-old construction worker's
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investigation, after confronting him with surveillance video from the shopping center and fingerprints on the murder weapon. julio blanco garcia said he just snapped. >> where did you stab her? >> in the chest. >> how many times did you stab her? >> i don't remember. >> what was she doing when you stabbed her? >> she was crying. >> she was crying? >> okay. did she tell you to
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>> manning is expected to serve in fort eleven worth in kansas. >> terrorism
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investigation. >> meanwhile president obama heads back out on the road and spend two days on a bus tour through new york and pennsylvania promoting ways to make college more affordable. >> legendary comedian bill cosby will be in town at a popular
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d.c. restaurant. >> of course we are talking about ben's chili bowl. fox 5's melanie alnwick, expert in everything is live in northwest. mel, i am continued to be impressed. i have been here 14 years. >> reporter: about 14 years, allison. >> good morning, you are at ben's what is going on? >> >> reporter: this is the first time i have been to ben's chili bowl. first time i have ever been inside. >> you have arrived. >> reporter: i am going to mark that down as a landmark moment for me. this is a place that has had a lot of landmark visitors. today is another one. joining me now is the son of the original owners. good morning. >> good morning, how are you. >> reporter: every landmark is
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another reason to celebrate. >> i think so. it is a big part of our history. we have been here so long. we want to celebrate, we still have mom with us and still have mr. cosby. we were still tired from the 50th anniversary. mr. cosby has been so dear to us and will be here at 10:00. can't wait. >> everyone talks about the place in the community in this restaurant. you grew up here, what are the things you remember as a kid? >> typical story of working in a family business. really the changing of the neighborhood was the critical thing i remember. back in the dangerous times, really rough neighborhood in terms of drugs and crime, things like that and in terms of the subway construction, surviving that and seeing that firsthand, seeing really bad business and trying to survive into what it
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is today. it has been a big lesson and big struggle for the family. >> reporter: a lot of people don't know, during those lean times, your dad improvised and opened a bakery? >> absolutely. mayor berry had a vision and we built an ice cream and bakery, that paid the rent here while we had no business during the metro construction. >> reporter: legend of ben's chili bowl continued. >> we opened up ben's next door. we have a gift shop up stairs and can ship the chili anywhere in the country. let's figure out what we can do. we are here. we come here everyday what else can we do here? we are going to open up in 8th street and expand and feels good. >> reporter: looking forward to
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many, many years in the future. mom is there in the back giving interviews. she is the real celebrity, forget bill cosby. that is the celebrity. we are going to talk to her later. >> thanks, mel. you have arrived. maybe one day i will, too. >> reporter reporter thank you. >> august 22nd, chuck brown day. major vince will dedicate a portion to lankton park. >> today is the howard theatre's 103rd anniversary. >> nice to reminisce. >> ahead at 7:00, coming out for a cause. >> a hollywood star admits he is gay and want as crack down
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overseas. >> what else is on the new nixon audio tapes released for the first time in 40 years? >> first plans for a million muslim march to take place on 9/11 right here in washington. we are going to tell you about the controversy it is generating when we come back. time now is 7:12. the nest has been getting a little too quiet of late. so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses,
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but we're born for busch gardens. that you may not have time to roll out dough for a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or enough time to mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and a homemade gravy. she knows you may not have a moment to crimp the edges of your favorite chicken pot pie. but marie callender's does. and when she's done, all you need to do is find time to grab someone special, sit down, and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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♪ >> we want to say thank you for everyone that is sharing their back to school pictures. this is savion. this is the first day of kindergarten.
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>> mom, i don't feel like smiling. maybe he is excited. i don't know. he is adorable. >> keep those pictures coming. high schoolers take a pick and tweet us your back to school selfie. parents, tweet us, too. @myfoxdc include #backtoschoolselfie. don't be fooled by the word "selfie." >> i have seen some on twitter our department has been retweeting. the big oversized backpack larger than our child. >> go to our website a lot of stuff they are taking. >> we are going to talk about that in the 8:00 hour. dr. ray salano will be here. >> i have the bus stop forecast.
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>> is it the hoopty bus? >> the tripped out wheels. >> isn't it why we changed it to this one? >> we have to mix it up. people guessing on what to expect. >> rolling in montgomery county. >> hopefully they are not rolling like this bus. partly cloudy this morning. much of the action pushed off to the east. warm and mild. temperatures in the 70s. satellite radar, quieting down. we did have rain overnight particularly to the south. across portions of virginia, southern maryland. a few showers into eastern delaware. upper level low last night and leave us with humid conditions. upper 80s, flirting with 90 all week. our focus turns to north and
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west. see the cloud cover pushing into southern canada up near toronto and chicago. that is a cold front. that will arrive later tonight. up ahead, a few showers and storms in our daytime heat. overnight frontal will move through. cooler and drier conditions will be back into the nice weather with highs in low to mid 80s for the weather. accuweather seven-day forecast, going to the beach and pool should be a good weekend. >> that is good news. >> all right. thank you. >> let's say hello to jeff newman. >> good morning, ladies. unfortunately we have been showing this picture all mo morning.
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bw parkway southbound jammed stop and go, mostly stop from back before 32. take 95 if you are heading down the capitol beltway. over to the beltway college park around the mormon temple. 270 slow in pockets as you travel toward the beltway. prince georges county, route 4 has reopened according to anarondo police. most folks taking route 2 still might be an option. to virginia traveling northbound, passing 7900 up to springfield mixing bowl. just volume as you head to springfield. you are at a good pace alexandria and arlington. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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>> thanks, jeff, we are a few days away of the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> thousands expected in the nation's capitol to take park. >> hundreds attended a kickoff praise and worship service in northwest wednesday night. scene was at this 50th anniversary is not a commemoration instead a continuation of martin luther king's dream. >> martin luther king was a mentor to me coming up in school. i have a dream some day we will all come together. >> anniversary celebrations include a march that retraces route of 1963 jobs and freedom. president obama will speak on the steps of lincoln memorial
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next wednesday, august 28th. >> now to a different march on washington, one that a pro-muslim group is planning to hold on september 11th. american muslim political action committee calls it the million muslim march. rallies are supposed to happen up on capitol hill. the group says both muslims and non-muslims traumatized by the attacks that killed almost 3,000 people. twelve years later muslims are still being victimized. they are going to great lengths to differentiate the muslims that did the attack and muslims that want peace. coming up, 40 years later the last of the nixon's once secret
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tapes go public. we'll be right back. 
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>> the final installment of secretly recorded phone calls and meetings from president richard nixon's white house have been released. >> soviet peace talks and building a relationship with china. >> it is going to look rather strange if i go to china. >> -- i had already extended an invitation a few months ago. >> recordings captured 3,000 hours february 1971 and july 1973. that includes water gate scandal that forced nixon's resignation.
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>> nixon will be on his own to defend himself against subpoenas from congress. >> this is the 37th -->> new tapes reveal two future presidents called nixon to give support after his first major speech of watergate. ronald reagan and george h. w. bush. >> it is fascinating to get a look into the mind of richard nixon. >> and what was going on during that time. >> okay. still ahead in our next half hour, keeping at-risk kids from a life of crime. >> as three oklahoma teenagers sit behind bars accused of a "thrill kill" we are going to look at the possible psychology behind the senseless
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>> we'll hear from tucker barnes. 7:26, we'll be right back. 
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♪ >> i feel like we should be in
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the middle of the dance floor. >> i wish we were, sarah. when is the last time you went out dancing? >> at 7:30 a.m. >> last friday i was dancing at 7:30 a.m. >> it would be nice to go out, we used to hang out, 2:00, 3:00 a.m. >> those were the days. we get up then. >> how is the weather? >> tomorrow night would be a perfect night. get up on one of those roof bars. >> i am having a problem find ago dress. we are going to a party, you are supposed to find a sun dress. >> i would offer. >> junkies sports parties.
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>> we have been so excited. >> be there 7:00-8:00, most of us will be at home in bed. let's go to the temperatures, beautiful by tomorrow evening. >> good. >> less humid. all your night plans tomorrow night into the weekend, good shape for it. 89 reagan national, bwi marshall we have been flirting with 90 all week. today another warm and humid day. 73 in washington. 72 this morning in leonardtown. 73 annapolis. a good news forecast. showers overnight. manassas 70. 69 out at dulles. there is a look at your radar and satellite picture. we have clouds. partly sunny conditions. filtered sunshine.
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possibility we get showers and storms this afternoon. shower developing north of hagerstown. then we have our cold front pushing in from southern canada and pushing through chicago. it will move through early tomorrow morning. it is not likely to bring us a lot of shower activity. possible we'll see storms fire up. once the front moves through, clearing by tomorrow afternoon. we should be in good shape for the weekend with generally dry conditions and lower humid. 90 today. partly sunny. winds out of the west at 5:00. showers and storms the front moves through. south of us by midday tomorrow. 86 daytime high tomorrow. might be a few more clouds saturday than sunday.
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that is your traffic. jeff newman is in this morning unfortunately you have a rough report. >> beltway is moving a bit better from college park around georgia continuing to 270 spur. there volume own. legion bridge, inner loop headed virginia to montgomery county. northbound 295, accident blocking the ramp. tow trucks on the scene. slow over there. 295 through northeast traveling southbound eastern avenue and 11th street bridge jammed there. bw parkway traveling southbound all the way 175 down to 198. the earlier accident overturned vehicle. investigation will continue according to park police will continue through our morning rush. very slow, do not get on the bw parkway unless you have to. you'll be crawling.
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take 95 if you have to travel down to capitol beltway. hov lanes open in northbound direction. no problems to report around the beltway. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> three oklahoma teenagers facing charges for shooting death of college baseball player. what makes the crime more disturbing, one of the suspects did it because they were bored. we are looking into this tragic case with at-risk youth. joining us is dr. cheryl chapman, executive producer of nccf. good morning. >> good to see you. >> when we heard about this, the word that came to mind is outraged. it is because this man was killed in this manner. primarily because of the motive
7:34 am
one of the teenagers gave. we thought to call you. you deal with kids who are in trouble. we wanted to know the warning signs and what we are doing wrong. first though, let me get your reaction to what is a senseless killing. >> it is a tragedy. we as a society continue to gather, be upset, mourn, grieve, then support the victim's family. then we move back to our normal roles. i think that is the problem. it becomes an adult problem because these are young people. i am certain when they do an evaluation, they will find there were red flags all along that got them there. one would say in this community? this could happen in any community. it could happen with all kinds of kids. we don't have orientation
7:35 am
towards thinking about our kids, we think about my kids. these are our kids. there were clear indicators, based on what the media was given. >> suspects, 15, 16, and 17. two have been charged with first degree murder, one with accessory to murder after the fact. you think about these ages. the sheriff in this community where they live there has been escalation in major crimes committed by people under 18. in the jail right now, he went on to tell a major outlet, teen accused of murdering 16-year-old girlfriend and man over 18 accused of killing store attendant. what is going on, we want to blame video game and music kids are listening to. what is going on? >> i think they are overexposed to violence in media and video
7:36 am
websites. video games. however, all youth do not become fis fixated. i think they exhibited cruelty, those are major factors. they are overly exposed. we are seeing our kids violent. even more important, i was in a pizza restaurant and i see parents on their iphone. kids are sitting there and they pick up theirs and begin to look at where is the parenting going on? where is the role modeling, our accountability we must share it? we are social animals. we must be responsible for one another. how do young people learn that moral code? where are the expectations reasonable. where is the transmission of it?
7:37 am
is there clinical depression? have these young people been traumatized. i worked at childrens hospital 10 years. seven, eight year olds raped by all kinds of adults. was there trauma. >> excuse my pardon -- pardon my interruptions, a sound byte the mother said i know this is not my son. i son couldn't have done that. is there that disconnection as well? >> absolutely. that is the biggest challenge. you have to spend time to know who they are, know who their friends are. you have to engage in activities. i think too many parents and other adults are disconnected. parents can't raise their children alone anymore. i am not doing parent blame entirely. although, parents have to orchestrate all the institutions like school, work place,
7:38 am
communi community institutions, faith-based institutions. insuring they are safe and well adjusted. we keep ignoring that is a communal responsibility. >> we are out of time, dr. chapman. another big glaring issue, seemingly disregard for another life. can we go that far to say they would shoot someone out of boredom. >> it seems flippant, but speaks to their quality of life. i am not sure if many young people are in touch with what death and dying means. that is transmitted by adults. what is the root? i don't know. there was a disconnect around the implications for their consequences. boredom protects us from
7:39 am
comforting the lack of hopefulness. i am not sure there was aspiration for these young people. i don't understand how a parent could not know their child was in such deep trouble. >> dr. chapman, executive director of national center for children and family. thank you for the work you do. >> thank you. >> we'll continue to follow this story, of course and we'll be right back.
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>> for the first time former "prison break" star is opening up about his sexuality. the 41-year-old actor came out as being a gay gentleman in letter to russia's st. petersburg website. miller was invited to annual festival. as a gay man, i must decline. i am deeply saddened by the
7:43 am
this. this comes on the nation's recent crack down on homosexuals. >> good for him taking a stand. >> right about that. >> is "prison break" still on? >> i don't think so. i do recognize him. >> from fox, right? >> it is not like the old days. >> it is different. doesn't work, take it off. >> i used watch "alcatraz." >> okay. >> any way. >> your weather will cooperate. warm and humid one. you know you want to get your summertime in, pool, beach, looking good as we should keep summertime temperatures around for a few more days. partly sunny conditions. you are going to feel the haze.
7:44 am
reagan national still in 70s. never got into 60s overnight. 76 new york city, 71 boston. pittsb at this hour. we are looking at a front that could kick off a couple of showers and storms. front is going to remain far enough north and west, as it comes early tomorrow morning are not particularly favorable for a lot of showers and storms. widely scattered today. might be a few showers tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, back into sunshine, winds shift to north and west and lower humidity for the weekend. generally quiet into early next week. >> i got to say, i like that in august 83 for a weekend?
7:45 am
i mean that is like unheard of here. new this month has been wonderful. >> jeff newman is standing by to look at the roads with on time traffic, good morning. >> good morning, allison. start at capitol street lots of volume. cleared as the accident northbound 11th street bridge jammed on 295 freeway southbound between eastern avenue and 11th street bridge. top and go bw parkway 175-197, early morning accident. still doing an investigation and will be there quite some time. funnel passed the mormon temple, outer loop clearing out nicely 66. no accidents entire stretch from manassas in toward vienna.
7:46 am
that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. jeff, thank you so much. it is 7:46 on this thursday morning, coming up next, 11-day celebration of community and food. >> yeah, there is holly. good morning. >> good morning. allison, this is something you might want to sign up for. we are live at thanksgiving farms in fredricks at farm to fork. restaurants serving up local food. reason for you to make up the food as if these tomatoes aren't speaking for themselves this is. all next on "fox 5 morning news." stay with us. at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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>> starting this weekend, several maryland restaurants are
7:50 am
teamed up to bring fredricksburg best. >> holly has more from adamstown. i am taking notes, good morning. >> how appropriate we are celebrating fredricks bounty at a place called thanksgiving farm. one of 10 that are celebrating farm to fork. >> thank you, holly. great to be here. >> you did it two years. >> correct. new then you were like manhmm, maybe i should branch out. >> that's right. they have a restaurant and one of the owners said you know, maryanne, did you ever think of taking it to other markets? i said i have.
7:51 am
>> why fredrick? >> because jason suggested i came and did a tour. it is so cool. it is like this little gem. it is the pulse of the city of fredrick, 10 minutes outside, this beautiful rural area. the farms were here, wineries, restaurants. it is awesome. it is in the d.c. area. >> how does it work? >> essentially , all the chefs and owners commit to doing a farm to fork fredrick menu 60% sourced from their farmers. when they met, they didn't know the awesome farmers in their counties. their relationships began, they are sourcing from the farms and wineries. when the customer goes to the restaurant, they'll see a special farm to fork menu sourced from their farmers. >> you are revolutionary,
7:52 am
maryanne. thank you. we are at a wonderful, wonderful farm here this morning that has a lot to offer. and the people behind it happen to be three sisters, one is here lisa zimmerman roberts. >> good morning. >> when they said we want to do this farm to fork thing, what did you say? >> can't get much better then that? >> our food is wonderful. >> what is good for the eating? >> we are at peak, peaches, blackberries, green beans, it is peak week. you need to get out now.
7:53 am
>> eat now and shop now. i could pick up your produce and it would taste great. are you excited to see what the chefs will do it? >> super excited. it took us half an hour to get a reservation. >> obviously it must be a good idea?
7:54 am
7:55 am
let's talk about the difference, here we are in the farm store, through the summer, there is talk about farmer' about farme
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>> this is "fox 5 morning news"
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>> how are quick thinking bookkeeper helped a potential massacre without anyone getting hurt. we have the tape. >> hello, i am allison seymour. >> and i am wisdom tony perkins has the morning off. we have the warning signs of scoliosis. >> two years since east coast earthquake. we are going to get word on repair work at washington national cathedral. >> we are going to talk -- and mystical experience with god. >> i can't believe it has been e two years since the earthquake. >> washington monument, national
8:00 am
cathedral. looks like it happened yesterday. >> you are right, it has been two years. >> i missed the whole thing. i was in the car on the way to work. >> i definitely felt it. >> we couldn't handle the littll one 5:00.0. we were live on the air. forecast, warm and humid conditions, we have a transition for the weekend. today another hot and humid day, reagan national 74, bwi marshall 72. showers overnight. also off the coast of new jersey. partly sunny we have a cold front approaching north and west.we timing is such, we'll see just a few scattered showers and
8:01 am
thunderstorms.rms. bulk of energy will move througt tomorrow i'll have details on that. upper 80s near 90 scattered ca storms in thett forecast. >> tucker, thank you so much. we want to warn you about that very bad accident on the bw parkway in laurel. >> u.s. park police tell us the woman in the wreck has died from injuries. southbound around 5:50.. driver of the car suffered minor injuries. information -- investigation continues.s. jeff newman has your on time traffic. >> thank you, wisdom, as you said bottled necked. southbound bw parkway is closed. they are diverting traffic on to 198 if you are traveling southbound you'll be forced out.
8:02 am
delays well before 175. take 95. heading in prince georges countc very cloe. eastbound lanes to your right. once inside the beltway, no problems to the third street tunnel. just your typical volume. 270 moving a whole lot better southbound gaithersburg earlier incidence. 66 volume delays after route 50 inside beltway here is 395 on n the approach to 14th street bridge after the pentagon a bit of congestion which is typical. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> jeff, thank you. we ytif, expect a major announca that will impact how and where thousands of you get medical
8:03 am
care, specifically where your closest hospital will be. prince georges county and maryland officials will announcn a new regional hospital.ho hospital would go up near largol townar metro and would replace prince georges hospital in cheverly. expected to open in 2017. new facility would have 280 beds and 645 million dollars to build. living wage bill remains in limbo. >> it would affect retailers like wal-mart and costco that o have corporate sales of more than a billion dollars and retail space of 75,000 square s feet or more. >> i can tell you i have not received it despite my best efforts to say look, send us the bill. i promise you it will come back
8:04 am
in one of two conditions. signed or vetoed. if you tell me what day you want it back, this is day 42. >> now officials of wal-mart al have threatened to stop plans ns for expansion if the mayor signs the bill.. just this week, wal-mart issues a press release saying it was prepared to bring 1800 new jobs to the city as long as living iv wages did not go through. now to the national economy, on president obamaom is hitting th road hoping to hit issues bus tour pennsylvania. >> the president speaks later in buffalo. the bus tour comes as crisis s overseas are heating up. >> given what is happening in syria and egypt this maybe a tough pivot as the white house e
8:05 am
positions itself with future f battles with congress. >> reporter: hopping back on board, president obama's secretc busre is warming up. developments around the globe have begun to eclipse domestic agenda. >> that doesn't mean any less attention paid to ongoing violence. >> reporter: it is syria that maybe moving to the front burn r ir. it is shocking images of ge children killed by the chemical attack. is the syrian government crossing a red line the president was so emphatic? >> president obama: that is a at red line and enormous consequences if we see movementt on the chemical weapons front or the use of chemical weapons.pons
8:06 am
>> reporter: syrian government g of bashar assad may have crossed that line multiple times without much in the way of consequencesn now red lines are no longer being discussed. >> i am not talking about red lines or debate or conversation let's not talk about red today. >> reporter: as far as the president's bus trip, he is talking about college affordability and competing with a number of other issues, in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> dramatic 911 tapes showing how a high school bookkeeper helped avoid bloodshed >> antoinette call policed. she told officials the suspect s is off his medication and felt he had nothing to live forme.
8:07 am
he said back off. he doesn't have nothing to live for.r. he is not mentally stable. >> tell them to stand down now, he said. >> okay. tell him i am giving him the >> he said he should just shoot himself. >> this morning they are praising her for convincing him to surrender before anyone was hurt. >> we are not going to hate you, it is a good thing you are giving up. authorities don't know why that suspect walked into the school e with s500 rounds of ammo, ak-4 and several other weapons.weap his attorney says he has a long history of mental health issues, allison and wisdom. we are seeing pattern, mental en health issues, gun violence. it is an issue that we'll w
8:08 am
continue toe' talk about. >> silver lining, we get these heroic stories. sarah, thank you. >> making headlines around the nation, out of control wild fire threatening 2500 buildings. one of 50 uncontained wild fires burning across the western n united states. fire near yosemite only 5% contain. officials in oregon they have ha spentve nearly a billion dollar fighting fires this year alone. delaware attorney general beau biden just had a successful procedure in houston and companied by father joe biden aboard air 2. we wish him a speedy recovery.
8:09 am
new information surrounding of resignation of pope benedict. he told a friend he underwent a mystical experience that inspired him to dedicate his life to prayer rather than as pope. at the time of his resignation officials said age and health were the cause. >> still ahead at 8:00, yankees outfielder joins elite group of major league baseball players and davy johnson. >> first a healthy start to a new school year, warning signs of scoliosis and how to make sure his or her backpack isn't weighing her down. time is 8:10 we'll be back with that and more. 
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>> 8:13 now, welcome back everybody to "fox 5 morning news." live look over the area. shaping up to be a nice day on this thursday morning. we'll get the official details from tucker in a moment. he has business to take care of, tucker, good morning. >> thank you, allison. my first photo of the day, bren. >> hi bren. she is hanging out. >> looking beautiful. what a great smile. >> bren is just eight months old. >> yes. >> she has a beautiful smile, beautiful face. bren was born all the way back on christmas day. >> what a great gift. >> that is a super gift. do you open your presence before you give birth? >> people on that day can never have their day, it is christmas as well.
8:14 am
bryn's parents are going to make it super special. >> that is a great gift. >> look at her expression is like -- and her smile, she looks like a peaceful and sweet baby. >> you are absolutely right. go to and click on mornings. love the picture, bryn. perfect outfit for today. very warm and humid day. let's keep stevie wonder going. 74 washington, 72 in buffalo. cooler air international falls, 45. we are going to see 50s in the forecast for parts of the region by saturday morning, i think by saturday, sunday morning. cooler temperatures, regional temperatures, heat in the desert southwest, 89 in phoenix, 86 las vegas, no thanks.
8:15 am
a cold front pushing in from canada. as it approaches later today, a shower and or thunderstorm fire up. widely scattered if you get a thunderstorm it could be on the strong side with heavy rain. front will move through tomorrow as the front pushes away, sunshine moves back in with low every humid and relatively cool air for the weekend. should be a very nice weekend, 90. low to mid 80s saturday and sunday dry conditions expected early next week. that is your weather forecast. let's do traffic. julie is off today. jeff newman is in. he has your traffic. >> thanks, traffic. i have no idea where julie is, either. good news for folks on the bw parkway. they have reopened unfortunate incident over by 198. here is a look, much better pace
8:16 am
on bw parkway. 95, bit of congestion down to capitol beltway. prince george county volume in both directions, no incidents to report. northbound also slow from beltway up towards the 11th street bridge as you travel college park around georgia avenue. congesti congestion just before the beltway. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. jeff, thank you very much. back to school time can be a hectic time. getting kids back into a sleep routine. i was struggling with that myself, organizing school supplies and prepping lunches as
8:17 am
well as check ups. thank you, doctor for coming in. always a pleasure. back to school time, a lot of work to do. let's start off with this business with scoliosis. a lot of kids deal with this, there is a check up. there is a process. tell us first of all about that? >> first of all, wisdom, girls are more likely to develop scoliosis than boys are. a great age to check is 9-12 years of age. that is when you start seeing these things surfacing. >> why boys vs. girls? >> that is a great question. not enough research why boys develop scoliosis more than boys. hormonal fluctuations have something to do. it is inherited.
8:18 am
>> you can see deviation in the spine, you can see one shoulder higher than the other like in this image on the right when a patient is flexed or slumped forward, that is an indicator scoliosis present. >> is it this obvious in most cases or some cases where you can tell? >> important to understand anything greater than 10° of a curvature is scoliosis, more than 10° absolutely obvious. you can do three things: observe, brace, or surgery. observing the scoliosis, man aging with spinal manipulation
8:19 am
is extremely beneficial before it escalates to the surgery point. on the left side, that is image of what your spine should look like. ideally on the right, you can see the curvature of that thoracic spine. look at the image creating asymmetry. >> let's talk about something else students are dealing with. they are still carrying books and big backpacks. we are seeing this as well. >> tremendous impact on the spine. the best thing to do, few things you want to do, rule of thumb for carry ago backpack. make sure the backpack is not bigger than your back. no. 1, no. 2, no more that 15% should on their back, shoulder straps and waist straps should
8:20 am
be used. finally there, what you want to do is don't overload it. you want to spread the weight out, pockets and zippers, use them. that distributes the weight throughout the spine. >> you see a lot of problems with this issue? >> the thing about these backpack issues, they take a while to develop. kids are resilient until they have neck pain, shoulder pain, tingling down the arm, child in the office, we look at the x-ray, exam them and problem has while. >> before we let you go, sports season is upon us as well. young kids playing sports, high schoolers, little leaguers, what are the most injuries in regards to sports injuries? >> three million doctor's visits
8:21 am
from sports. sprains of muscles and ligaments. mostly because of contact sports. >> anything they should do to minimize this? there are regulations with football, anything they can do? >> understand and make sure your child is in a sport that is appropriate to their size and appropriate to their age. size meaning, make sure that the other teammates are equal weight. make sure the age of the child is 9 or 10 years old or higher if they are into contact sports. with contact sports wisdom, less than 9, they can't stop. that leads to potential injury. >> doctor, thank you. good information. we appreciate. >> my pleasure. >> allison seymour, back to you. >> thank you very much. time is 8:22. thursday morning, coming up
8:22 am
next, bomb shell revelation from lawyer representing army private bradley manning one day after the wikileaks whistle blower was sentenced to 36 years in prison. 
8:23 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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8:29 am
♪ >> all right. shout out to this morning to ken moore middle school in maryland. this young man's name is cane. he is in the seventh grade at ken moore. he tweeted us this back to school and added "no uniforms." >> notice the shirt, allison,
8:30 am
all fun and games until someone gets beat. >> tweet us your photos @myfoxdc #backtoschoolselfie. good school year to you little daddy kane. >> you saw he was dressed for summertime. continues upper 80s maybe 90 this afternoon. shower, thunderstorm threat out there. cool weather for the week e. >> it is a half day for my miss new little schooler. >> they get used the lockers and orientation. >> what time is it over? >> 12:00. >> mine have that, too, but 2:00. mock full day.
8:31 am
>> i went to school right away. >> i didn't have air conditioner, either. >> he didn't go to school in alaska. let's go to the weather forecast. >> you turned out fine. [laughter]>> explains why. 73 annapolis. 72 gaithersburg. upper 80s near 90. we have not hit 90. 89 yesterday. we had upper level disturbance come through early. few showers and big thunderstorms got going offshore. you can see those pushing to the east. we'll focus north and west with a cold front.
8:32 am
it will push over the next 24 hours. it could fire up a few showers and storms later today. i think it will be widely scatt scattered. tomorrow we might see a few showers and storms. winds shift out of north and west and push in the drier air for the weekend. conditions will get gradually more comfortable over the next couple of days. 90 this afternoon. as the front moves through, temperatures will fall back tomorrow afternoon with nice breeze out of north and west. weekend looks great, low to mid 80s. more sunshine saturday than sunday. that is weather. i am tossing it to wisdom and allison. >> oh boy.
8:33 am
remember this? joe, don't look. joe alanzo from the national cathedral. don't look. tomorrow is two years from the earthquake. two d.c. landmarks, washington monument and national cathedral. >> and two summers later, repair work is still going on. joe, good morning to you and thank you for talking to us and taking a break this morning. >> sorry you had to see that video. >> not fond memories. i know you are still working. >> all that scaffolding you see on the cathedral is there to stabilize it. we use the staff folding to get up and remove all the damaged pieces of stone.
8:34 am
we are on the next phase of the work which is the building of a huge scaffolding to get into the high ceiling. >> you are holding a press event. we'll be able to come and show pictures to the viewer about what is going on. will you tell us what you are showing? >> today we'll be up on the first portion of the staff fold built inside. it is 75 feet off the floor, west end of the nave. it is going to allow us and our engineering team to get to the detailed ceiling. there is netting in the cathedral and scaffolding will allow us to assess it and do repairs. >> you said 75 feet off the ground. >> right, deck is 75 feet, then
8:35 am
another 30 feet to the tip of the interior ceiling. >> we are identifying a reporter not afraid of heights. >> [laughter]. we have hands raised. >> how difficult of a task is it to get back to normal? >> damage is tremendous. monumental amount of work. you know how detailed the cathedral is, stone carves, hand carved pieces of stone on the pinnacles. all of that shook in the quake. we lost many, many pieces on the exterior of the building that suffered the worst damage. of course the central tower from everywhere suffered the worst. good news is that it is stabilize, building is safe. we worked for those three months after the quake while the cathedral was closed to get it stabilize and safe.
8:36 am
now two years later, we are really, we have done all the assessments we have our game plan in order. we hope you start moving forward, keep raising funds to support the work. we have a good game plan in place. today, kicking off this interior work and showing folks what we are going to be doing inside. >> how will you restore some of the more intricate pieces of art work, will you replicate that? how do you proceed as far as cosmetically. >> we have gathered up everything we have been assessing and all the pieces that came off the cathedral. a lot of those damaged pieces won't be used but using them as
8:37 am
models. we have begun recarving pieces of stone. our shop is crammed full of stones we took off the building. our talented stone carvers are in the shop. we are looking to contract mills in indiana. we are lucky we have a talented team of engineers, masons and engineers. we are lucky we were able to collect the pieces. all of that has been helpful in replicating the work. >> any timetable for finishing this project? i know it is a wow question. >> again, depends on funding, 26 million dollar estimate of
8:38 am
repairs many has been coming in. we have raised almost 10 million. long way to go in depending on how the money comes in will allow us to tackle bigger and bigger pieces of the project. >> we appreciate you. we know you are super busy. 1:00, we'll be there. thank you for coming early. this is joe, head mason at the national cathedral. still ahead at 8th, robert griffin iii has heard his critics and choosing to ignore them. we are going to tell you why when we check today's sports. ♪
8:39 am
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>> historic night for yankee out fielder. easy roll, that is what they called him in the stadium. 4,000th hit against toronto. that includes professionally and japan and major leagues. he is the third player to top 4,000 hits.
8:42 am
pete rose is the all time leader with over 4200. >> that is a combination. >> speaking of hits, nats look to make it two runs in a row against cubs last night. jason worth lasted 18th homer of the season two runners, cubs came back from 6-1 deficit. mavs showed resilience and scored five unanswered runs to go on and win 11-6. they'll go back to the cubs again. last night's win, davie johnson team win with washington nationals. >> that is two runs per game. >> you maybe on to something. large outburst and shut it down. you are right, tucker.
8:43 am
you maybe on to something. >> tucker is smart. >> redskins want rg3 new? >> could i? >> redskins are getting ready for third pre-season, robert griffin iii took another step in recovery, he went full speed against starting defense yesterday. griffin reiterated he will be ready for week 1 against the eagles and touched on last week's controversy that there is friction between him and the coach, coach shanahan. griffin felt his words were twisted and he thought about curbing his news conferences. >> i sat down and talked about to a few people, do i stop being who i am and giving you ammunition to turn against this team and bill belichick it all
8:44 am
week? i am going to continue to be who i am. make the statement and make sure everybody gets it clear. i don't think i can change who i am. >> don't you change. griffin made the reference to bill belichick there, patriot's head coach that often shuns media or gives one-word answers. >> he could never be belichick the way he dresses. >> if tony were here, he would say, he hates all the press conferences. >> we didn't make you get up there. we didn't tell you what to say. >> if they don't speak, you have a problem with that. >> that is not true, allison. >> it is a fine balance. he is up there an awful lot.
8:45 am
maybe when the football season starts. >> i feel like this was the savior of the redskins and you would think we want to hear from. you know what, i do not envy you, sir in the public eye on that massive scale. >> he is talking too much about nothing. >> he is not playing. >> all right. >> he hasn't played one game since last year and more press conferences than the entire team. >> there is a balance. but i say talk on, sir. talk on. >> i want to get an operation patient shirt. i need a shirt, too. >> thank you, very much. >> holly is, thanksgiving farms, she is going to give us more from farm to food, sustainable foods. she joins us with a preview now,
8:46 am
holly? >> >> reporter: where is holly? here she is, you are right. imagine this as your pantry. that is the basic concept behind farm to fork. we are live in fredrick, farms of fredrick starts this weekend. we have talked about about participating farms. we are going to talk about those participating chefs and why you want to make a reservation. all live next on "fox 5 morning news." stay with us.
8:47 am
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8:49 am
>> summer harvest season has several restaurants teamed up with farm to the fork. >> holly morris is there, i meant to say you are outstanding in the field. >> reporter: i understand, outstanding in the field. this is where our food comes from, it comes from the land. when we are talking about farm to fork, this is where our food should come from.
8:50 am
why buy stuff from 3,000 miles away when you can get it 3 miles away. it only works if restaurants are willing to take park. this is jeffrey dempsey, he is with brewer's alley. you thought it was a good idea because? >> local. great for the community and all the guests that like to come in and eat. >> reporter: seems like a no brainer but seems like people are just realizing it is a no brainer. >> true. it seems like everybody is enthusiastic coming to fredrick and eating fresh local produce, beef and grass-fed hens. >> reporter: tell us what you
8:51 am
have? >> watermelon salad with heirloom tomatoes. i have black lava salt and vinaigrette. >> reporter: these are from thanksgiving farm here. owner of your restaurant also owns farms and you have been doing your own experiment? >> true, cultivating tomatoes, jalapenos, beans, broccoli. >> reporter: it is your own stuff, it is right here. >> it is. our guests love it, too. we did a beer dinner, it was a great response, all the fresh items, using the local butchers. i think guests really enjoy that. >> reporter: speaking of
8:52 am
butcher, i know you have a sandwich. >> this is a grass-fed beef and goat cheese cheddar. >> reporter: this is on the farm to fork menu? >> it is. >> reporter: brewers alley. i have another restaurant, that is minaca seat crossing. they are in downtown fredrick, you are outside the city. >> what we want to do is do something simple and show off the produce or meat. this is our chicken stew stuffed into roasted acorn squash. it has the seeds outside. this is what the farmer's eat. >> reporter: have you enjoyed
8:53 am
working with the farmers and accomplishing relationships? >> as a restaurant tour and owner and chef, you think you have the worst job, farming is very, very difficult. kindred spirits. >> reporter: praise the farmers and want to get something sweet. >> yes, ma'am. we have our sweet corn brulee. >> reporter: that looks delicious. >> reservations are great. great time of year for us to get influx of people. >> reporter: i am going to start with dessert. i am going to tell you, farm to fork in fredrick is going on starts this weekend, lasts 11 days through labor day weekend.
8:54 am, make your reservations now. we have two more chefs that have come out here to whip up something. some have recipes on our website. >> thanks, holly. we'll be right back. ♪
8:55 am
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8:57 am
>> this is "fox 5 morning news." >> welcome back, everybody, 8:58. i am allison seymour. >> i am wisdom martin. a shocking report from bradley manning how he wants to live as a woman behind bars. >> what critics are saying and why organizers say they chose the somber date. >> he is considered jackie
8:58 am
robinson of southern college football, his time at 1963 march on washington. >> a popular hot spot, live at ben's chili where the celebrations are well underway. very cool. very special guest today. we'll talk about that more. >> a lot of hot spots around here today. >> very clever, you are in a zone. >> thought i'd take it to the next level. let's go to the weather forecast. when you do this 37 times a day, you run out of creative ways. 78 at reagan national, 75 dulles and bwi marshall. obviously we didn't cool off overnight. warm and humid and potential for
8:59 am
additional showers and thunderstorms. we have a cold front later today. you can see the live shot, cloud cover into southern pennsylvania. warm and humid scattered afternoon storms, 90. that will create lots of hot spots. cooler for the weekend and details in a few minutes. >> all right. tucker we appreciate that. new twist in wake of the sentencing of bradley manning. >> in a statement on "today's show" army private says he plans to live as a woman named chelsea. he will be eligible for parole in six and a half years. manning's struggle with gender identity role was a key part of his


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